You can't fix other people.

Culinary school was wild, y’all. We had two of the best Chef’s around leading our class with hilarity, TWSS jokes, and just pure joy. I was all in. I gave it 110% every day, and realized I genuinely loved it, except when you assholes didn’t rinse your dishes and it was my turn for dish day. I had great grades, but I still couldn’t believe I was doing a good job. Self-doubt was a natural response for me, and it was the easier response. So naturally, I self-sabotaged. After an affair shook me, I quit on myself. I let someone else’s actions make me quit what I was passionate about. Instead I focused all of my time and energy into fixing a broken marriage.


I didn’t fix a damn thing. You can’t fix other people, but you can fix yourself. I didn’t know that yet.

We moved to Wisconsin to start fresh after I found out I was pregnant with my little dude.


So many big things so quickly.


Fast Forward to age 25. I had a sweet kiddo and still had that passion for the service industry. If you guys do the whole Enneagram thing, I am a 2. It explains so much.


We got settled in Janesville WI. Eventually, I was hired at Janesville Country Club as a dining room supervisor, and temporary kitchen help. This was my first glimpse into fine dining. Finally, my culinary knowledge paid off.


Now you all know how I got from the brisket state to the cheese state. So please, for the love of all things holy, stop asking me.  


Next we get to talk about working at a Country Club.



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