Teachers are Superhero's

I am currently sitting across from my second-grader helping him through online learning. The protocol at his school is if someone tests positive for the virus, they shut down for 14 days to quarantine everyone exposed, and to deep clean the classroom. Right before Thanksgiving break, they had a positive case.


I’ve quickly realized that my patience is thinner than a sheet of notebook paper. We don’t give teachers enough credit for how incredible they are. They’re planning every second of every day for their classrooms online and in-person.


They’re getting up everyday with the risk of a virus that we barely know anything about. They have to wear a mask on their face for 8 hours a day, and some of you can’t even put one on correctly for your grocery store trip’s. They’re masters of preparedness and we owe them a massive Thank You.


I’ve watched a lot of parents complain this year about having to help their kids with their education at home, and it bumfuzzles me. You want your child to learn and be successful, right? So, suck it up, and make it happen.


Teacher's, I see you. Thank you for all the hard work you put into our children and their education. I personally, couldn't do it without you.


P.S. The mask, it goes over your nose. 


End Rant.



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