Lets talk about Religion, Love, and Hate.

I have shared so much with all of you, that I hope you can find a lens of kindness to read this post with. I hope that you can understand that life hasn’t always been kind to me and I am slightly jaded. I’ve been privileged to live in both the South and the Midwest. I’ve been told what to do, and I’ve done the tellin. I’ve made $5.25/hour and I’ve made $66,000/year. I have been both married, and divorced. In all of this, I have encountered two things that are inevitable, love and hate.


I grew up in a religion that teaches you not to hold hate in your heart. It was taught to me that red, or yellow, black or white, they were precious in God’s sight. Growing up in the Bible belt meant that God was and is on every street corner in a place of worship. God was accessible. Some people blossom in religion, and I have family members to prove that theory. I still personally think that being kind comes easily to me because I was taught in church that no matter what a person looked like; they were a soul worth saving. Church taught me not to look at a person for their outward appearance, but to look for the good inside. That is a lesson that I still carry with me today.


Life has shown me, that being religious does not make you a good person. I have personally been a member of a church in which a pastor told his congregation what sex positions were and were not acceptable for a married couple. I got married in that church. I was completely invested, because I didn’t know any different. We were not allowed to be on social media. No televisions were allowed in your home. These were the standards to be a member of that church. These are not God’s standards. These were the standards of a man who liked to be in control of others who never should have been allowed to be in the position he was in. He used religion to hide his hatefulness. We paid him to do this to us. Years after we left, my husband wrote a letter to our close friends in the congregation trying to explain why we left and the Pastor intercepted the letter and burned it over the pulpit that Sunday. We were excommunicated.


Be mindful of the others around you. Be mindful in understanding that people are different. Every person that you meet has had a completely different life experience. You cannot begin to assume that each and every person’s chance at life is the same as yours.


Please, stop expecting other people to lead you in the right direction. Take control of that yourself, and then teach others how to do it as well.


Were all just looking for an instruction manual to get through this life.



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