Different doesn't mean wrong.

Sometimes, when I create a blog post, I spend days over-thinking it. So, 99% of the time, what you’re getting here is pure and unadulterated. If I take too much time to edit, I won’t post. 


I only write when I feel inspired, and today I felt like someone else needed this.


I share deep feelings that are often difficult to process, as to encourage others to process trauma. I do this, because I know firsthand what it feels like to hold on to it.  


After years of therapy, I began to let go of my idea of what everything was “supposed” to be like. You don’t realize how much your surroundings attribute to everything when you’re growing up. Then BAM, you’re an adult and you can’t understand why someone told you Santa Clause was real.


When you step outside of that, outside of your idea of perfectionism, you can see and appreciate the lifestyle choices of others.


Try looking at your neighbor with a hint of understanding and a smile instead of disdain and judgement.


Sit down and talk to someone who is different than you. See the world through someone else’s eyes.


Be good to one another. 


Kindness is free.



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