Hello Friends,


I just wanted to check in with my fellow kind humans. I want to remind you that you’re allowed to rest. You’re allowed to take breaks. I often have to remind myself that it’s ok to sit down and just breathe life in for a moment.


The holiday season exhausts me. I like to celebrate with family and friends, but I am also a person who needs to recharge after. I most certainly feel the need to re-charge after the year we all just had.


So, I have been doing exactly that.


We spent the last week of 2020 cooking, opening and giving gifts, and spending quality time together.


My second grader taught me how to play a video game, and then proceeded to be exponentially better at it than I was. 


We played in the snow, worked around the house, and did some painting. 


Take some time to breathe that life in.


It’s good for you.



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